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MCTRLR5 is an independent master controller developed by
NovaStar with an epoch-making significance. Its flexible
rotation function allows users to make their LED displays
more creative. The loading capacity of a single unit is up to
3840×1080@60Hz. MCTRLR5 can meet the on-site
requirements of oversized LED displays. With a unique
innovative design, it enables screen configuration any time
without the need for a computer. Various video inputs such
as HDMI, dual-link DVI, SDI and outputs of 8-channel Neutrik
Gigabit Ethernet as well as 2-channel optical fiber are
supported. MCTRLR5 also can serve as two independent
controllers, which makes it more flexible to load LED
displays and creates a stunning experience for users.


  • Complete video inputs: 6G-SDI, HDMI 1.4×1, dual-link DVI×1.
  • Support simultaneous output of 8-way Neutrik Gigabit Ethernet port and 2-way fiber port with single-device load up to 3840×1080@60Hz.
  • Images can be rotated with any angle at any area on the screen. Cabinet, port and screen rotation operation become much easier.
  • Innovative design enabling smart configuration and greatly shortening the preparation time.
  • Supports NovaStar's G4 engine to create stable and flicker-free pictures without scanning lines, and present smooth images with a good sense of layering.
  • Supports NovaStar's latest pixel level calibration technology with a fast and efficient process.
  • Enables white balance calibration and color gamut mapping based on the different features of LEDs on the display to ensure colors are faithfully reproduced.
  • Screen configuration can be done at any time without the need for a computer.
  • Manual adjustment of screen brightness with convenience and efficiency.
  • USB port of the front panel can be used for firmware upgrade.
  • Status display showing cabinet status in a more intuitive way.
  • Multiple MCTRLR5 units can be cascaded for uniform control.



Port Qty Resolution specification
6G-SDI 1 SMPTE ST2081 standard
Maximum supported resolution: 3840×1080@60Hz (downward compatibility).
HDMI 1 HDMI 1.4 standard
Maximum supported resolution: 3840×1080@60Hz (downward compatibility).
Dual-link DVI 1 VESA standard
Maximum supported resolution: 3840×1080@60Hz and 3840×2160@30Hz
(downward compatibility).


Port Qty Resolution specification
RJ45 8 Neutrik Gigabit Ethernet port
OPT 2 Optical fiber port, single mode and double fiber, LC port, 1310nm
OPT1 is used for transferring the data of port 1-8
OPT2 is the backup channel of OPT1
Both Gigabit Ethernet port and fiber port can be connected to the device
simultaneously in one operation.


Port Qty Description
ETHERNET 1 Control interface
USB 2 Control interface of upper computer and cascading interface


IN Genlock type: Blackburst
Genlock synchronizing signal keeping pictures being displayed on the screen in sync
with external Genlock source.
LOOP Genlock loop out